Our Story


—  About Mitch engle—

History of Lynn Jewelers


Lynn Jewelers began over 80 years ago in a small shop on F and 6th St in Washington, D.C. In the aftermath of World War II, two brothers—Sol and Bernie Lynn—founded a gift and jewelry store to serve clients with aesthetic sensibilities and discriminating style.  

In 2009 Mitch Engle, one of the youngest nephews, became sole proprietor. When the store needed to switch locations, it received a major overhaul in order to create an even more customer-centered business so that clients could receive highly individualized attention. He created a limited inventory and low overhead to better serve customers one-on-one. As each piece takes time, he wanted to truly birth the beauty of each client’s piece.

It was kismet that Mitch came into his own as a creative jeweler, translating new designs into exquisite products as he was surrounded by gems and art ever since he was a young boy. His maternal grandmother sold jewelry and he would often visit her at the store. His uncle is a famous artist and sculptor in the metropolitan area.

At familyholidays, his uncle would keep him busy with creative tasks. “Draw me a hundred eyes,” he would tell Mitch at eight years old. “Draw me a hundred noses.” As a senior in high school, Mitch worked full workweeks as an apprentice goldsmith in addition to his courses. After high school he went to work on the retail side of the jewelry business and later, moved to California where he earned his Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America.

Replace “eyes” and “noses” with “three stone set engagement rings“ and “Ceylon sapphire halo rings” and you now understand how Mitch spends many of his days—shading and sketching the gorgeous designs the clients of Lynn Jewelers have come to expect.